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Jaguar is about surprise these days and to celebrate 75 years of the Jaguar name, we wanted to create a design concept based on the all-new XJ that would really surprise people, writes Ian Callum, Design Director, Jaguar Cars.



I think when people see our XJ75 Platinum Concept on the Pebble Beach concept car lawn this weekend; we'll get quite a reaction.


If people come up to me and say they're not sure about what we've done, well that's great, because not sure means it's sparking some emotion, making them think.


The idea behind the car was for the Jaguar design team to explore the versatility of the original XJ design and show the car's potential for customization and personalization.


One of the things I always wanted to try on a car is rather than having the bright chromework be the focal point, to turn the car almost into a film negative.


So we made all the chrome gloss black, including, rather bravely we think, the Jaguar leaper on the trunk. Then we contrasted that with this beautiful satin matte pearlescent white paint. We think it gives the car a slightly menacing look. Something you wouldn't expect from Jaguar. Which is good.


I always think it's important for a car to sit close to the ground, so we lowered the car slightly and lowered it visually with a deeper front spoiler and side skirts. When you see the car on the road, it really looks like it's hugging the ground.


And of course, for me, wheels can't be too big, so we have 22s with very low profile rubber. Again, the wheels are glossed black, but it's important to show a little polished aluminum to give them some life.


Take a good look at the interior as it continues the white on black theme extremely well, with gloss-pearlescent white veneers and diamond-stitch black suede inserts for the seats and headliner.


Personally, I love this car; it's a car I would drive. I have a sneaking feeling the reaction we get from the Pebble Beach crowd will be the same.



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